Sunday, March 2, 2014


Ten Random Thoughts of an Injured Runner:

1. Volunteering at races is just as fun as running them.  (But I'd still rather run them.)
2. One of the worst parts of not getting to run is not getting to eat #allthefood.
3. The stages of grief are fluid, not linear.
4. Lessons learned from running can help during the healing process.  For example, Don't worry about the miles (weeks) ahead.  Focus on the present moment.  Trust in God.
5. It's frustrating not to be able to work actively towards healing a bone like we can work actively towards building speed or endurance.
6. You must be your own healthcare advocate. If you're sent home with an ace bandage and ibuprofen, you might still turn out to have a stress fracture.
7. I have a whole new appreciation for soft tissue injuries. As in, I wish I only had a soft tissue injury!
8. You can think to yourself, "I won't be one of those people who does too much too soon and re-injures themselves before they've fully healed" -- but then you'll still do it.
9. Wearing a boot makes packing so much easier.  You only need to pack one shoe -- so much room left over for souvenirs!
10. I believe when I get to start running again . . . which feels like it will be about 20 years from now . . . I will have a new appreciation for the ability to run.  I swear I'll never take it for granted again!  Just give me the chance. :)

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