Saturday, February 14, 2015

God Speaking

Sunday, February 7, 2015

For a while now, I've been keeping a log of "coincidences" -- in other words, times when I feel like God is speaking to me through the everyday events of life.  Do you ever think about this during your day?  Today's "coincidence" experience was just to outrageous and funny not to share.

This morning I woke up at 8:00, so I decided to find a parish with 9:00 Mass.  I Googled "San Antonio find a parish" and found that Immaculate Heart of Mary, one of the 5 Catholic churches downtown, has a 9:00 Mass in English.  I went to put on my jeans, only to realize that they were in the laundry and the only other pair I own was all wrinkled (and had a hole in the crotch, but I didn't notice that until the afternoon.  Oops).  I put on my nice Notre Dame fleece and nice loafers and hoped that would compensate for my shabby pants.

As I walked toward the church, I felt really awkward about my raggedy appearance said a quick prayer that God would make me feel welcome in this church anyway.  When I reached the open doors, not just one, but three ushers said good morning and shook my hand.  After I had said down, an elderly man named Antonio came over and introduced himself.  He handed me a brown scapular and asked me to say a prayer for him.  Then a female usher came over and asked if I would like to help bring the gifts up to the altar at the appropriate time.  By the time when we stood for the gathering hymn, and I opened my hymnal and saw that we were singing "All are Welcome," I just smiled.  I felt like God was not only asking, "Do you feel welcome yet?" but also, "Like my sense of humor?"  The answer to both questions is yes.  I couldn't help smiling as I sang.  To top off the experience, the gentleman in front of me complimented my ND shirt during the Sign of Peace and told me he and his wife had visited Notre Dame a while back.  A few nice words about my alma mater, my home away from home, where I have so many wonderful memories, does wonders for making me feel good.

So thanks, God, and please keep these "coincidences" coming!  Please help us to recognize when you speak to us in the conversations, events, and circumstances of our everyday lives.  Amen.

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