Saturday, March 5, 2016

Pandora's 52.4M Race: Pop Quiz

I went into this race giving myself "permission" to have fun, and not worry about my placing, my time, etc.  As it turns out,

a) this was a very good thing, considering I didn't race that well, and
b) it's easier said than done, having fun at a race that isn't going well.

Fortunately, there's always another race. . . . like the one next weekend.  Or the one the weekend after that.  Yep, 3 ultras in 3 weeks -- one major reason I gave myself that "permission" in the first place.  Anyway, once I got to the halfway point of today's race, I did genuinely enjoy myself.  And I learned a lot throughout the race.

Here is a quick summary of my race, in quiz format, because why not.  Answer key at the bottom.

Loop 1 

When the sun finally rose partway through this loop, we saw:
a) bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes
b) cool rock formations
c) miles and miles of vistas from the top of the granite dome
d) high water in the stream crossings and the lake
e) all of the above

Photo Credit: Darcy McMaughan

Loop 2

When I rolled my foot really, really, bad, and the pain level felt beyond manageable, I found the best remedy was to:
a) mutter the f word over and over for about a minute
b) brusquely tell the polite guys who were trying to help me to "Just go! Run your race!"
c) walk it off
d) think briefly about quitting and then remind myself there's no f---ing way you're quitting a race
e) all of the above

Photo Credit: Darcy McMaughan
Loop 3

Which of the following represents my thoughts as I listened to my running playlist?
a) Dang! I forgot Donald Trump is mentioned in "Country Grammar."  Don't let that ruin the song for you, Jules!
b) You're right, Miley, there is always going to be another mountain.  And I will always want it to move.
c) Whatever happened to Crazy Town?  I only know this one song.
d) There is no better running song than the Footloose song.  Hands down.
e) all of the above.

Loop 4

To manage the heat, I tried:
a) wearing white arm sleeves
b) asking volunteers to scoop ice into my bra
c) sucking on ice from said portable ice chest (pun intended)
d) drinking copious amounts of water and Tailwind
e) all of the above

Answers: e, duh!

Like always, it's a gift to get to run -- just run, and not worry about work or schoolwork or anything beyond putting one foot in front of the other.  And it's a gift to get to run with my friends, particularly the Rockhoppers.  After the race, a couple of us enjoyed some hard-earned pizza pie.

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