Sunday, August 4, 2013

Colorado Bend 60K: The Movie

During the second half of the Colorado Bend 60K, as I became more and more loopy in the wee hours of the morning, I kept thinking of connections between my experience at the race and video clips.  Here they are, for your viewing entertainment.

First, I thought of Petey in Remember the Titans.  That's because I was saying (out loud, of course, even though only the deer and possums were there to hear me) really sarcastic comments like "Gee, running is sure fun" and "This course does not at all blow goats." 

Then, during one of the two incredibly long stretches between aid stations (okay, it was only 5+ miles between aid stations, but it seemed like eternity), I thought of David After Dentist.  "Is this going to be forever?"
During the race, I could relate to so many of David's comments.  "I can't see anything!" "I feel funny." "Why is this happening to me?" And like David, I also lost the ability to count.

I named all my flasks of EFS slurry, as I mentioned in my last blog post.  After tasting some for the first time as I began the race, I decided that the next flask I make will be called Khlav Kalash. 
The slurry tastes fairly awful.  And all the aid stations have to wash it down is Mountain Dew or crab juice.

Finally, in the home stretch of the race, I was reflecting on what a sarcastic mood I was in.  Given that I've been debating whether to use a pacer or not in an upcoming 100 mile race, I started thinking about this Gap Girls skit from SNL:
My fear is that, after 80 miles or so, I'd start acting like Chris Farley's character and my pacer would never want to speak to me again.

I'm thankful I still had a sense of humor by the end of the race, even if it's a weird sense of humor.

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